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Sharon Korn, Certified Massage Therapist specializing in Myofascial Release Massage Therapy

Sharon Korn, Certified Massage Therapist and Owner of Peace of Mind Bodywork

I bring an understanding both as a therapist and as a client to my work. It is because of the pain and finally the hope and rehabilitation that I went through that I am a therapist today.

Most of the clients I treat regularly have suffered from some type of chronic pain. There are as many causes as there are clients, as everyone is unique. I treat clients privately in my Berkeley office, and one afternoon a week I work at North Oakland Chiropractic Clinic, treating patients with William Ruch, DC.


For decades my family has enjoyed my ability to find their knots. As a teenager I used the 'jackhammer' approach (I used very FIRM pressure into the knots). Some released this way, and others did not. In 1999, I began my study of Ki Aikido including the study of kiatsu therapy which facilitates your body's natural ability to heal itself. I also began experiencing and learning zen bodytherapy as a means to help my own chronic pain. At that time, I didn't know why I was in pain, I just knew that I felt unfixable.

Then in 2000, I suffered a class 3 concussion while mountain biking. I was very lucky not a single bone was broken, instead my joints dislocated (shoulder, ribs, hips were the main movers). Western medicine kept me overnight for my concussion, then sent me home with pain medications. Luckily, my current massage therapist had just learned cranial-sacral therapy. With her help, my headaches, nausea and motion sickness were relieved. Unfortunately shortly afterwards, she moved to Belgium and I moved to Fiji where most of my muscles got much stronger, but my right arm was getting weaker and my range of motion was becoming restricted. I was in constant pain, managing my pain with ice, advil and stronger pain medications. Life threw another curve, and I found myself back in California studying for a new career. During massage therapy school I received regular bodywork. With the bodywork and rehabilitative exercises, my strength came back.

In 2005, after completing massage school, I started working on clients. My first client had suffered a horrible fall off a 2nd story roof. He enjoyed the deep tissue therapy, but it was the myofascial release therapy that generated lasting results allowing him to heal far past what the doctors had predicted. As I continued my study of myofascial release I also received a lot of treatment as the classes are all hands-on. These treatments released the restrictions that had developed from my mountain biking accident, as well as others developed from aikido, surgeries, early childhood falls, orthodontics, car accidents and other traumas. The more I experienced myofascial release both as patient and therapist, the more I wanted to experience. I found I now had control over my healing and my body.