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In One Peace Project In One Peace Project

The In One Peace Project. is a is a free therapeutic program offered to military veterans by John Barnes trained Myofascial Release therapists throughout the United States.

Thousands of men and women who have valiantly served our country are returning home with symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and other injuries. The John Barnes Myofascial Release Approach is a whole body/mind system of healing which addresses patterns and memories that are held in the body. One day a month, veterans receive free Myofascial Release treatments.

Peace of Mind Bodywork offers free MFR treatments to veterans on the fourth Thursday of every month, by appointment, which you can do by using the scheduling button below, or call 510-461-6431, or email
to setup your appointment.

Waking the Tiger, by Peter Levine is required reading.
Healing Ancient Wounds, by John Barnes is recommended reading. is an excellent on-line resource for finding new and used copies of these books.
We also have a copy of these books to loan out. Note: there is only one copy of each book, so it may not be available. Please call 510-461-6431 or email if you are interested in borrowing a book.