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Relax Taiso

Free . This is a twenty minute class where you will be guided in relax taiso ("oneness rhythm exercise"), a no-impact aerobic activity designed to enhance balance and focus for individuals of all ages. The 5 minute set of movements provide cardiac benefit without wear and tear on knees or other parts of the body. Relax taiso is the practice of mind and body coordination.

To allow for space to move and perform these exercises, this class will be held in the Aikido dojo (on the first floor, suite 103).

Class schedule: Tuesday evenings beginning at 5:20 pm ( 1911 Addison St. Suite 103)

Relax taiso is also a very nice warm up for the aikido class which follows. Addison Street Ki Aikido which you are welcome to watch or join.

Following is by Koichi Tohei sensei regarding Oneness Rhythm Exercise

To become one with the Universe and always extend Ki

In this world, most of the people maintain an illusion that enforcing our physical power, the power will be disrupted, and will be weakened. When we truly relax, we are able to use our power and ability the most. People tend to think that being truly relaxed is not easy. This is because human beings tend to be selfish and use their own power to win or lose. I keep saying to people to relax completely. To learn how to relax completely, I developed the Oneness rhythm exercise.

The Purpose of this exercise is to be one with the Universe. I call it the Oneness Rhythm Exercise. " Oneness" means that mind and body are originally one. Therefore, it is natural for us to use both at the same time. The Oneness Rhythm Exercise is an exercise to realize that we can use our great power when we are truly relaxed. As I always say, "how to do" is important, not "how to say".

When we try to move, we first move only our body, and our mind does not follow. So, to let the mind follow our bodily movements, we repeat the same movement twice. Then, on the second movement, the mind catch up the body's movement. This is a state of oneness with the Universe.

I traveled all over the world, but I do not know anyone who realizes this truth. I realized it , and that's why we practice the same movement twice in the Oneness Rhythm Exercise. The fact of simply repeating the same movement two times, in order to become one with the Universe surprises ordinary people, and they think that it is ridiculous. But even those people can understand if they try it. We easily believe that we can do everything in one movement, but we can only become one with the Universe if we use mind and body together.

As a human being who is given both mind and body by the Universe, it is natural to use them both. If you are not be able to become one with the Universe, something is wrong.

The average human being seems to think of oneself as the one we can see (which is the body) and usually the mind is forgotten. This becomes a habit. If you try the same movement twice, you will be able to become one with the Universe, and that is our natural and original state.

We need to change our habits.

Even though we all learn the four principles of mind and body unification and can achieve oneness of mind and body, if we lose it when we move, there is no value.

We need to move while we live.

The Oneness Rhythm Exercise was developed for us to learn how to maintain the oneness of mind and body with the Universe while we are moving. As we keep practicing the Oneness Rhythm Exercise and repeating the same movements twice, we alter our habits and change our subconscious mind. That is how we should train, until oneness with the Universe becomes our natural condition.

If you really want to become one with the Universe, you should practice the Oneness Rhythm Exercise.

Koichi Tohei
*Lecture from Oneness Rhythm exercise video.